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Type: Increasing Price
Est. Average Savings: $109/yr
Savings Certainty:
This quote has a payoff date, meaning that you will likely lose money if your agreement ends before the payoff date.
Near-Term Weighted Savings:
The 'near-term weighted savings' is a measure of how early in the subscription the savings occur. The more full this scale is, the earlier your savings will occur, which is better.
Ease of Exit:
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  • Provider Information The provider builds and operates the community solar installation, signs the subscriber agreement with you, and manages your subscription.
  • Est. Annual Savings The estimated annual savings is the estimated amount of money you will save on average per year during your agreement by signing up for community solar. You will probably not save the same amount every year.
  • Type The subscription type describes how you pay for your subscription. Learn more about subscription types.
  • Savings Certainty The savings certainty is a measure of how likely you are to save any money at all with this quote. The savings certainty will have an asterisk (*) if this plan has a projected payoff date.
  • Near-term weighted savings The near-term weighted savings is a measure of if your savings occur earlier or later over the course of your subscription. A fuller scale indicates that savings occur earlier, which is more valuable.
  • Ease of Exit The ease of exit is a measure how easy and low-cost it is to exit this subscriber agreement.
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